Dávid Klein Shared His Experiences

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Dávid Klein has returned, and this time to recall his adventure and experience during the Docler Everest Expedition. Dávid had departed with a smaller aim than to accomplish the incredible feat that requires huge amount of preparations and super-human stamina, as the first Hungarian ever, to solo-climb to the 8850 meter summit of the Mount Everest without carrying any oxygen.

Even though achieving this target is yet to be realized, Dávid has brought his photos and tales in person about the two-month-long ordeal that tested his body and spirit. Our climber was ultimately forced to turn back due to suffering from severe stomach ailments and elevation sickness at 8000 meter above sea level. The expedition already began problematically and the first basecamp was set up two weeks late because of external causes that forced Dávid to reduce the time to acclimate before charging the summit. Other events outside his control caused him to miss a window in the weather and after reaching the third basecamp, while struggling with elevation sickness, his condition, and ultimately his lack of speed, forced him to turn around. Although Dávid is planning to climb other Himalayan peaks in the upcoming years, he did not give up on the clean ascent to the world's tallest peak and hope to build on his amassed experience to reach this ultimate goal.


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