Junior Prima Award of 2012

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The selection for the nominees of Junior Prima Award is in full swing to find the best candidates of under 30 years old, who have done their best to advance the country's folk art and public education.

The founder of Docler Holding, György Gattyán, has joined the list of benefactors of this illustrious award in 2011 and supported the junior category of Hungarian folk art and public education the last two years. The first time last year, the ten young people, out of more than 150 nominees, received not just certificates but seven thousand euros in awards each with the aim of supporting their professional advancement.

This year we are expecting once again the help of many organizations to find the appropriate nominees, hoping to recognize the work of as many young talents as possible on the field of Hungarian folk art and public education. Out of the pool of selected individuals the jury will award 10 persons in the Junior Prima category on behalf of Docler Holding. The nominations will close on August 22, 2012; this is the final day when the nominating individuals or organizations must send in their suggestion list along with descriptions and CVs of their nominees. Any person, group, or performing ensembles are qualified for the nomination, and more than one suggestion may arrive from a single source. We hope that this year we can award significant talents once again and contribute to their future professional advancement with the Junior Prima recognition.


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