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The IKARUS BSE, founded in 1949, is currentlz comprised by four departments – athletics, football, handball, and ping pong. Since its inception, thanks mainly to the club's systematic training regiments and talents nurturing, IKARUS BSE has arrived in the ensuing decades from a virtual unknown to a nationally recognized athletics powerhouse. Docler Holding is proud to give its enduring support to a sport club once again that puts extra effort into bringing up new recruits with outstanding qualities. Dániel Kiss is one such example of IKARUS' homegrown talents, he has already earned a bronze on the European Athletic Championship and a current domestic record holder. The support of Docler allows IKARUS BSE to purchase new jerseys for its athletes and to spend more on recruiting and training. The financial help also assists the club to organize a number of sport camps and competitions, as well as to purchase new equipment. Such a donation will also help to realize one hard-to-reach item on the club's wish list: it will finally be able to build a high jump pit. We hope that many more young athletes will become stars under the flag of IKARUS and make us all proud.


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