Dávid Klein Visits

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Dávid Klein is one of four Hungarian climbers who’ve ever been up on the 8,600 meter summit. The apex of Mount Everest of 8,850m has been reached approximately six thousand times, out of which it was done merely 160 times without bottled oxygen. A Hungarian has yet to achieve such a feat - just to show that an ascent of this magnitude in the international world of alpinism is an outstanding accomplishment. Dávid Klein will take on the challenge in the spring of 2012, the first time in the history of Hungarian alpinism, to attempt a so-called “pure ascent” to Mt. Everest without canisters. We’re filled with pride that Docler has become the main sponsor of Dávid Klein’s spring expedition. We will follow all the way this incredibly superhuman feat that demands so much endurance, stamina and now goes by the name of Docler Everest Expedition after the main benefactor. Dávid will begin on March 28 his 70-day fight with the elements. If all goes as planned, after reaching the summit, Dávid will plant the Docler flag on the peak. We wish him Godspeed on his journey!


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