Donation of Computers

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This time, Docler Holding donated a total of 15 modern computers to two schools at Kőbánya and to an animal rights association. The Szent László and Zrínyi Miklós Secondary Schools of Kőbánya (Kőbányai Szent László Gimnázium, Kőbányai Zrinyi Miklós Gimnázium) as well as the Dog Rights and Dog Recreational Sports Association of Futrinka Utca (Futrinka Utcai Kutyavédő és Kutyás Szabadidősport Egyesület) received 5 computers each from Docler Holding. At the schools, the donated information technology devices will significantly support the IT education of the students; while the animal rights association will use the computers for administering the hundreds of dogs hosted at their site.

As an IT company, Docler Holding continuously updates its information technology equipment, but the computers being outdated for web development are still in the state-of-art category with giant hard drives and fast CPUs. Our group strives to offer these unused computers to institutions, for which these devices provide significant help in modernizing their operation.


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