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In response to the announcement of the charity run on September 10, an incredible number of Docler coworkers, more than 100 of you had the taste for a little jogging. The distance was only two kilometers, but it did not matter. Here and now runners did not have to compete, just stand up for a good cause. And this time, the good cause meant the support of cancer research. Many of you joined us, dedicated half an hour of your weekend and contributed with a total of HUF 150,000 for the foundation. In addition, the Docler Group also offered a great laptop for the raffle. Congratulations for the winner!

Since 1997, the run has helped to collect over HUF 150 million. The organizers use this amount to purchase world-class machines and donate them to physicians dedicated to cancer research.

We hope that the support by Docler will also be spent for a right purpose soon and we trust that even more of you will come next year. Two kilometers is not a great distance, all of our heroic colleagues have accomplished flawlessly. Moreover, somebody did not stop at the finish line, but took a few bonus circles, just for fun. However, I have to admit that some of you had sweat on your face, but this can be attributed to the nice, incredibly warm weather and the nice atmosphere of the occasion. The event demonstrated a real team spirit, thank you!

And for those who are still unaware of the purpose of this run, let’s get down to history: the Run for Cancer Research charity movement has been launched by the story of a young Canadian, Terry Fox, who lost his right leg at 18 years of age due to osteosarcoma. In order to raise money and public awareness for cancer and the research thereof, he decided to run across Canada using an artificial leg. Unfortunately, Terry Fox had to stop on the 143rd day of the run, since the cancer spread to his lungs and the young man died a few months later. However, his sports achievement created a tradition, so events raising the awareness for cancer are held in several countries around the world.

The Run for Cancer Research! charity run is organized in Hungary since the early nineties. The run is not a competition, the distance is 2 kilometers, which can be run, walked or cycled. At the end of the run, each registered participant receives a gift package filled with the donations of the supporters.


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