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Probably only a few of you know that Jankovics Marcell’s popular animated cartoon series, Hungarian Folk Tales are related to Kecskemétfilm (more precisely, its predecessor, the Kecskemét studio of Pannónia Filmstúdió). These series are not typically made for TV, probably this is the basis of their popularity. The series with various stories have identical title theme, two dimensional animation style, the same narrator and score style. As from 1977, 89 episodes of the legendary series have been published. Our firm provides key support for the creators in order to complete the series of 100 episodes saving values and popularizing Hungarian culture domestically and internationally.

Docler Holding has a good relationship with the animators of Kecskemét for years. In June, Docler Video Productions was invited to the 10th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (KAFF). As the main supporter of the “Back to the Fatherland” program (the outlined retrospective screenings of the event), we could contribute to the collection and presentation of the works of animators emigrated from Hungary. The public could see the work of recently rediscovered creators, who have had significant career in their time. The event was a perfect venue for further strengthening the relationship between DVP and Kecskemétfilm. Our coworkers have been invited several times for professional visits to the base of the Hungarian animation film production, the cartoon studio at Kecskemét.


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