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The Docler Group and Synaptel Kft. maintain a long-term cooperation with the Hungarian Red Cross, which, so far, manifested in the form of blood donations, financial and asset donations. This time, in addition to the charitable activity, the company intended to support the humanitarian organization with technical development. The cooperation of the Hungarian Red Cross and Synaptel resulted in an application named “Workforce Management”, with the use of which all important information relating to a disaster area can be recorded, organized and forwarded in no time. The employees and volunteers of the humanitarian organization simulated a flooding disaster, where they interactively demonstrated the operation of the new system in the course of a simulated rescue and damage assessment. “It’s good to see that our system comes to life and operates for the benefit of a really noble cause. We are proud of supporting the work of the Hungarian Red Cross with our advanced technological solutions, and thereby helping people in need,” said Hámori Virginia, the Sales Manager of Synaptel Kft.


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